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With KEECKER bring your house to the next level where any wall becomes a screen, any room a concert hall, where your family shares magic moments, where technology is no longer a burden...
The home you’ve been dreaming of. The home you’ll have with KEECKER.

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bright & smart projection

Transform any surface into an amazing screen

With KEECKER, the image is no longer bound to a screen, the image is everywhere you want. From your smartphone, simply ask KEECKER to project a piece of art or a movie on your living room walls, a recipe on your fridge, fun images on your kid’s bedroom ceiling or photos from your trip to Bali on your dining room wall and it’s done.

immersive 360° sound

Transform any room into an entertainment arena

Through KEECKER's mobile app, broadcast your favorite music anywhere at home and create immersive experiences for you and your family: wake up to a view of Tuscany on your bedroom wall with Pavarotti playing in the background, attend a Lady Gaga concert with friends in your garden entirely wirelessly.

360° video experiences

live and share experiences together when you are separated

With KEECKER you can check in on your kids and have real conversations with them when you are away from home, walk through your house skyping with a friend in Tokyo with KEECKER following you, or see what’s happening in real time by moving KEECKER around your house.

browse the web

Transform any surface into an amazing screen

With KEECKER, the image is no longer bound to a screen, the image is everywhere you want. From your smartphone, simply ask KEECKER to project a piece of art or a movie on your living room walls, a recipe on your fridge, fun images on your kid’s bedroom ceiling or photos from your trip to Bali on your dining room wall and it’s done.

play games

Transform your home into an amazing playground

With KEECKER, you and your kids can enjoy larger than life video games anywhere you want at home. If your favorite apps and games run on Android and are available on the Google Play Store, they will also run on KEECKER.

Magic in your life

Transform your home into your imagination

Experience things you could only dream of before. Want to dive into the Milky Way? Draw monumental artwork on your walls? Create pop up interior design just for a night? For the first time ever KEECKER allows you to transform your decoration, to create ambiances, to change the color of your walls, displays paintings, art, or anything you can imagine.

Home analytics & security

Access your home from anywhere

Aside from its multiple entertainment capabilities, KEECKER provides you with home analytics (temperature, humidity, CO2 level and more) and for security purposes so you can check in and see your home remotely from anywhere in the world.

Mobile & wirefree

Forget cables and discover a wirefree house

Moving alongside you as you walk using its advanced motorized wheels, KEECKER allows you and your family to enjoy the highest quality entertainment wherever and whenever you want. Simply control KEECKER through your smartphone, and it will transform any room it enters.

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use any android apps

keecker will do more for you as
you install more apps on it

With Android apps, you can customize KEECKER, personalize it and use it how, where and when you want. Pretty much all existing Android apps will work on KEECKER. Through any smartphone (iOS, Android) simply browse and install your favorite apps on KEECKER.

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everybody talks about KEECKER

from The Verge

A little Sci-Fi feel for your living space

The Keecker 'home pod' is a mobile projector, speaker, and security system all rolled into one...

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from Gigaom

A robot that looks as if Eva from Wall-E and R2-D2 had a baby

Many connected homes have a projector, an Android device, a sound system and maybe an autonomous robot (that usually cleans your carpets). Keecker, a new gadget that is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, combines all of those into one robot that looks as if Eva from Wall-E and R2-D2 had a baby.

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from Fast Company

It's more than just a fancy entertainment system

KEECKER, part home entertainment system, part smart home analytics system, should be shipping to a house near you by next spring...

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from PSFK

The Keecker looks like a modern R2D2 and it is as smart as it looks

The roving bot, which could perhaps revolutionize the way we enjoy content at home and elsewhere, is now in full crowdfunding mode

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from le Parisien

L'engouement mondial autour de cette technologie impressionne et ce robot très design a des arguments à faire valoir.

Le soirée cinéma en famille change de dimension avec ce petit robot en forme d'oeuf. Développé par une start-up parisienne éponyme, le robot Keecker, contrôlable via un smartphone, se veut un majordome connecté capable de projeter des vidéos partout dans votre domicile ou de jouer les baby-sitters.

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from Konbini

KEECKER Is To Your Home What The iPod Was To Your Pocket

We are living in the “information age”, whatever that means. Between the birth of humanity and the year 2003 five exabytes of information were recorded by humans. Now, in 2014, we humans record more than five exabytes of new information every two days.

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from Android Community

Well, it seems like the future has arrived

Remember those sci-fi movies (okay, we meant The Jetsons) where you could project things on the wall from a robot-like pod that followed you around? Well, it seems like the future has arrived. Sort of. The Keecker calls itself the very first true HomePod and it is a portable projector, entertainment system, home computer, instant museum/gallery and even security system, all in just one 16" tall pod that you can control with just your smartphone.

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from France24

C'est le robot qui créée la sensation sur la planète High-Tech et sur le site de financement participatif kickstarter

nous vous faisons découvrir la sensation Kickstarter du moment : Keecker, un RD2D2 version domotique. Ce robot made in France deviendra-t-il votre nouveau compagnon connecté ?

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from Europe1

Si vous avez aimé R2D2 vous aimerez KEECKER

Le robot Keecker, disponible à partir de 2015, pourrait bien remplacer tout ou partie de vos appareils. Ce dernier sera en effet capable de projeter un écran sur n'importe quelle surface, lire de la musique ou encore surveiller la maison.

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from Digital trends

Ever wanted a little R2D2-like robot that could follow you around the house and play movies and music wherever you go.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, this projector is pretty sweet, but I really wish it had wheels so it could follow me around and play YouTube videos on the empty walls of my apartment”?

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from Venture Beat

Keecker robot can project digital art and video in your home

French tech company Keecker is launching a connected robot for your home that projects movies, plays music, browses the web, and captures sounds and images.

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from CNet

Mobile robot brings home entertainment wherever you go

At CES on Monday, the Paris-based company unveiled its new mini robot, an entertainment system on wheels that can roll around any house, bringing video and audio entertainment, as well as mobile audio and video capture wherever you go.

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from France Inter

CES 2014: Keecker, un R2-D2 pour la maison

Pierre Lebeau n’aime pas trop utiliser le terme robot quand il parle de son concept, mais comme il n’a pas trouvé mieux, il espère que les médias inventeront une nouvelle catégorie pour cet objet non encore identifié...

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from ubergizmo

KEECKER Connected Robot Unveiled

KEECKER happens to be a Paris-based company that intends to bring the future forward, by introducing a new connected robot (which will hopefully be smart, too) at CES 2014. Boasting of a unique functionality that will hopefully alter the way we think about digital experiences, KEECKER happens to be the first connected computer for lifestyle and home entertainment, where it will transform just how one shares and experiences rich content...

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from Slash Gear

Keecker smart connected robot can entertain and secure your home or office

A company called Keecker is on hand at CES 2014 with an interesting connected robot device. The Keecker robot is described as the first connected computer for lifestyle and entertainment. The company says that the robot will change how content is shared at home.

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from Engadget

Keecker is an Android-powered robot that projects video onto your walls

Sure, you could buy a projector for your apartment, or maybe even a TV; people still use those, we're told. Or, you could get an Android-powered projector instead...

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from The Huffington Post

Keecker, The Robotic Butler Of The Future, Will Change Home Entertainment Forever

The Wall-E look-alike, which is essentially a cordless Android-based projector robot, will follow you around the house for entertainment purposes, ready to transform any wall into a screen for watching movies, checking email and more.

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from Vanity Fair

CES 2014: i nuovi trend dell'hi-tech

Si apre oggi il Consumer Electronic Show di Las Vegas, la fiera della tecnologia più importante del mondo. Ecco le tendenze del futuro

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from Fast Company

Ex-Googler Invents A Robotic Butler For Home Entertainment

KEECKER is a video projector that also syncs with smartphones so you can turn any wall into a screen for watching movies, checking email, and more.

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from Mashable

10 Weird Gadgets You Missed at CES

It's not a giant egg. It's a robot called Keecker. It does home analytics, projection + more.

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from Europe1

CES 2014 : les 10 gadgets les plus cools du salon

Le plus rond et le plus futuriste: Keecker.

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from FHM

Though a Simpsons Lego set set is a tough act to follow, Leo Davie from The Coolector gives it a go with his latest round-up of gadgets and gizmos...

Keecker is not a futuristic kettle or a tiny heater. Keecker is a robot.

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from Le Parisien

A Las Vegas, le robot intelligent fait les yeux doux au grand public

Le français Keecker a dévoilé son nouveau gadget capable de projeter des contenus vidéo à partir d'une tablette ou d'un smartpohone.

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from Forbes

CES 2014: 3D Cameras, Practical Robots and Wearable Tech

The pace at which we are accelerating technology from entertainment devices into objects and connected devices that we can use in our every day lives or helps us live better, is in high gear.

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Two of the biggest home products to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show have us thinking about Jetsons-level home help.

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