Amazing product. The video is great and the sound is incredible. The waiting time after ordering was long, but worth it. The after sales service is really great, all my questions have been answered. The product is clearly of high quality and the price is justified. So I highly recommend the product!!!


Great robot! Love the projectors and the sound is great. Suggest further development to fully take advantage of the projectors, etc. For example, It would be amazing if this little bugger could talk and you can ask it questions. How about a weather app where it projects the days weather on the wall and also tells you verbally?


Overall the initial experience with Keecker has been positive. The charging station is a little tricky to learn but the system once you are ready to roll is amazing!


I’ve supported Keecker for 3 years and the wait has been truly worth it. The mobility and autonomy of the sound, video and Android TV is great. Sending him to rooms via vocal commands has proven really functional. My kids love falling asleep to the Milky Way projected on their ceiling.


My Keecker shows it’s possible for technology to be useful, easy to use and entertaining! I love seeing my robot move depending on where I feel like playing music, and dazzling my friends by projecting a cozy fireplace on the wall during winter parties :-) I wholeheartedly recommend it


The image quality coupled with the sound made it feel like we were completely transported into the film. It’s AMAZING! Just like being at the movies. THANK YOU to everyone on the Keecker team!

Size and weight

Its round and attractive shape combined with its unique design were designed for a smooth navigation in any home, appartment or office.


Stop watching movies, live them...
At only 1.5m from the wall, Keecker projects a 78" (2m) diagonal image. Brad Pitt or Charlize Theron finally in your living room, or in your bedroom if you prefer... From wall to ceiling, experience your movies and applications like never before.

Distance from the wall

Size of the projected screen


Boom, boom, boom...
Super powerful 4.1 audio system Digital sound processing specially developed to transcribe a sound of an exceptional quality and to make you live a unique musical experience in the heart of your home.


When traveling, from the office, in transportation, always keep an eye on your home and your family!


Battery life

Don′t worry about charging Keecker′s battery, you already have your smartphone to worry about... Keecker is fully autonomous and knows when to go charge. Simply show it once the location of the charging station during setup and let Keecker do the work.



Access our SDK and shape your Keecker. It′s your turn!

Secure Payment Keecker

Secure Payment

Free Shipping Keecker

Free Shipping

Keecker mobile app

Keecker mobile app

All&nbspyour favorite apps Keecker

All your favorite apps

2-year warranty Keecker

2-year warranty