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They speak about us

The click

“I had this click that would change my life. A bit like a thunderbolt, you believe in it, but you never think it could happen to you. But in fact, it does happen and it happened to me: I imagined the object that would solve all the technological problems that I had collected for several years on a secret list. From that moment on, I had the whole product in my head, as if a puzzle was forming in front of me, in a few seconds everything was established.

A few months later, I left Google and Keecker was born on October 18, 2012”

Pierre Lebeau, Founder & CEO

Keecker Pierre Lebeau

From prototype to reality

For over five years, we′ve been working on creating a beautiful product of great quality that is simple to use. Inspired by a clean and contemporary design, we′ve been working with industry leaders in order to create the best possible product that would suit any family. Prototype after prototype, we never compromised until we were certain we had created the best user experience possible.

  • Keecker prototype 1
  • Keecker prototype 2
  • Keecker prototype 3
White screen Keecker

Keecker′s DNA

We wanted to find a simpler solution to satisfy our technological needs at home. This is why we have developed a device that knows the house, moves autonomously from room to room, and brings all the technology we love with it.

Keecker DNA

Our story

Creation of Keecker.
It is the beginning of the adventure...
Hello Yoda!
Birth of the first prototype "YODA", 21kg and 60cm tall, big baby…
1st CES and a Kickstarter campaign that allows to validate the concept and the market
Birth of the final prototype "EVE", 8kg and 40cm tall. Much smaller, lighter and smarter
2nd CES and start of final industrialisation
Hello Keecker!
Here we are... launch of Keecker #hellokeecker
Keecker mobile portable no cables wheels
Why Keecker?
“To kick (kik). Verb: to strike out with the foot”
What′s more explicit when you want things to change?
Keecker team engineer marketing technology