Last Release
Dear Users,
We want to provide you the best and longest experience with Keecker despite the end of the company. On March 8th we published a release, to maintain Keecker as long as possible.
This update will provide you a more robust access to Netflix, Youtube and Spotify, as well as a new remote control for Netflix within the app. (Please find details here)
Unfortunately, we are not able to maintain camera servers, therefore we will remove application such as Keecker Video Call and Keecker Program. We will also take out Home Analytics and Diagnosis.
We developed a new way to connect new smartphones to Keecker without the support of our servers. For any new smartphones that would like to connect to Keecker, you will not use email and password anymore, please follow the link here for instruction.
Keecker will still be compatible with Google Cast available on Smartphones and Tablets, while Google Home and Amazon Alexa won’t be able to communicate with Keecker anymore.
Finally, we will invite you to follow instructions here in order to avoid problem driven by updates or resets.
To conclude, all FAQ’s for daily use of Keecker are here.