#3 Back to school with Keecker!



As Keecker is an evolving product, we frequently release new updates for our users. After major updates in February and April, we release a new update to go further in our willingness to make Keecker fully autonomous. Our main objective is to make Keecker as easy and intuitive to use as we can. This new update comes right on time for back-to-school season with new functionalities. Find these new functionalities in the Keecker App, “Apps”, then “Program”.


To make sure you will wake up on time to go back to work, Keecker can now wake you up in a particular room at a particular time thanks to the new Alarm mode. Keecker will broadcast your favourite content (YouTube videos or videos and music stored in your Keecker's internal memory). You can select the time, days, room, YouTube or your own content, adjust the volume and choose whether or not to turn on the projector.



To help you to fall asleep, and spend a good night to have more energy whole day long, you can now use the Sleep Aid mode. Same as the Alarm mode, simply select the room, time and content you want to stream, but also the length it will be streamed. Milky way, sunset, sound of waves, your favorite song, soft music… it’s up to you! It both works for adults and kids :-)



If you are still wavering to buy your own Keecker, you now benefit from a 30-days trial if you buy Keecker on www.keecker.com. It is a very good way to try Keecker and all its functionalities at home.

In addition, you can now see some push notifications to alert you when your Keecker is low battery or to show you pictures you take with your Keecker. Finally, french vocal command has been improved.

We wish you the very best for the back-to-school season,

The Keecker Team