#7 “It’s alive! Keecker is alive!”


As Keecker is an ever-evolving robot, we frequently release new updates for our users. After updates in April and September 2018, this year, to celebrate Halloween, Keecker comes to life with voice notifications and the new feature Video Call. Don’t be afraid, our engineering group is behind this!





Don't panic, if your Keecker starts talking to you…

Voice is one of the most intuitive way to interact, that’s why we’re now starting to get Keecker to speak back to you. It won’t say much to start with, but it’s learning. In this first version Keecker now notifies you about its battery level and if it’s having a hard time completing some tasks. With time, you can expect Keecker to talk more and more as it gets smarter.

In case you want to keep Keecker quiet, you can choose to turn off this feature in the Keecker App “Settings” menu.

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Keecker cameras are not just for security but also let you get in touch with your family, pets or whatever wherever you are in the world. Until now, you were able to view Keecker cameras from your smartphone, now, your family will also be able to see you!

Your Keecker will project the video from your smartphone camera so that your family using Keecker will be able to you. As before you’ll see your entire family behind Keecker through the 360° camera. Video chats made easy, anywhere, anytime, in any room, this is also what Keecker is all about, making your life easier and more fun.

So go ahead, try it out. We hope you’ll love it.

PS: At we’re in the middle of Halloween, have fun and trick your family and loved ones…

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We wish you a happy Halloween,

Keecker team

*Video calls work over Wi-Fi and your smartphone's internet connection.