Optimizing your experience and improving our product is our primary focus. This is why updates are regularly available. Whether you are a new customer or an existing user, you are always getting the best experience possible.
A first update took place in February. It included: new voice commands, the ability to disable voice command, improvements of returns to the charging station, more accurate geolocation of your Keecker on its map, the ability to save more settings for your favorite spots, energy saving optimization on sleep mode and a first beta version of the Home Analytics feature.
A new update was launched at the end of April. We continue to further increase the battery life of your Keecker. Now, when you turn off the projector, it will go into sleep mode after 1 minute of inactivity.
When you turn the projector back on after one minute of inactivity, the LED will turn blue and the projector will turn back on after 7 seconds.
If your Keecker has less than 15% battery left, the projector will no longer turn on and the LED will flash blue. We therefore invite you to recharge it.
This update lets you save more power and ensures you get approximately 30 hours of autonomy without projection.
We are actively working on other new features to come in the coming months. We'll let you know by email (if you are already a user) or directly on this blog.
We're always here to help and answer any question you may have, so write us directly at support@keecker.com if you need anything.
Until next time... 

The Keecker Team