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We want it FUN, SMART and SIMPLE just like our product.

We are very proud to introduce you to our team, offices, our working philosophy...




Keecker was created at the end of 2012, by Pierre Lebeau, formerly a Product Manager at Google for 7 years. 
Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin always reminded their Product team to "solve big problems". 
Pierre identified a big problem and decided to give it a shot. 



Why Keecker?


10 years ago, smartphones started to change our daily lives. Suddenly, we had about a dozen devices in one "simple and mobile" product fitting in our pocket. 

Steve created something revolutionary that would set the tone for the next decades and we all still love.


Our pocket is solved now, but what about our homes? it's a little less revolutionary. So yes today we're talking about smart 4K Ultra HD curved OLED TVs with names like UE55KU6510... We hear about high-performance multi-room audio systems, connected thermostats, smart sensors, smart security cameras,... in short, we're invaded from all sides, more and more devices, more features, but do we buy all these? do we buy one for each room? in reality we don't.

We would like to have these features, but probably don't want to bother buying a dozen devices. Plus if you have a TV, a set of speakers and a camera, you can't do a simple video-call... these devices don't work together.  

Why isn't there some kind of smartphone for the home? A device that would offer most of the technology you need at home without the connection hustles, the ton of cables and the engineering degree to set them up?

That's what we're doing today. We simplify technology by making it smarter, autonomous and fun.




Today we are a team of about thirty people, all convinced and all passionate, all working very hard to make lives easier.

Our offices are located in central Paris.




Keecker, is made of several teams:

HARDWARE team: 7 people in charge of product design, production and making sure everything works properly. If Keecker is so handsome and robust it's because of them.

Aloys, Felipe, Valentin, Arnaud, Thibaut, Tristan, Ludovic


- SOFTWARE team: 14 people who develop Keecker's "brain": artificial intelligence, mapping, motion, voice commands, applications... Thousands and thousands of lines of code created just for this little guy to work.

Guillaume, Antoine, Corentin, Olivier, Romain, Cyril, Franck, Xavier, Emeric, Chris, Mohamed, Phoum, Florent, Alexis


- SALES AND MARKETING team: 4 people in charge of presenting Keecker on a silver platter and getting the word out and make Keecker shine.

Céline, Robin, Florian, Diorèle


- FINANCE team: 2 people who manage the wallet and who always watch us from the corner of their eye ;-) but always with a smile

Cédric & Lucia


- DESIGN team: 2 people working on making the user experience the best possible. With such a new device, it's a big task and they continuously work on making things as easy as possible for you.

Claire & Emeline


- SUPPORT team: 4 people who take care of our customers, their issues, their feedback on a daily basis.

Nicolas, Paul, Sara & Fabrice


- FOUNDER: 1 person that had this crazy ideas years ago, that assembled this great team. 




We launched Keecker in France in October 2017 and in the US and UK early 2018. Keecker robots are available on keecker.com and in selected retail stores near you.

Our launch was a first step, we've continued to work very hard since on the software, the customer experience, the brand and sales development. Believe us, we're not going to stop there...


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See you soon

Keecker Team