Its unique design makes Keecker unobtrusive for any home, apartment or offices and provide a smooth entertainment experience with its voice.


Stop watching movies, feel them...
At only 1.5m from the wall, Keecker projects a 78" (2m) diagonal image. Anywhere at home, from wall to ceiling, experience all your applications and audio or video content like never before.

Distance from the wall

Size of the projected screen


Enjoy our sound system that provides an immersive experience for movies and music in home and outside with its 360° acoustic package.


While traveling or working, keep an eye on your home and reach your family wherever you are!


Battery life

Don′t worry about Keecker′s battery life. Keecker is fully autonomous and knows when it has to charge. Simply show it once the location of the charging station during setup of the map and let Keecker do the work.



Access our SDK and shape your Keecker. It′s your turn!