Last Release
Dear Users,
We want to provide you the best and longest experience with Keecker despite the end of the company. On March 8th we published a release, to maintain Keecker as long as possible.
This update will provide you a more robust access to Netflix, Youtube and Spotify, as well as a new remote control for Netflix within the app. (Please find details here)
Unfortunately, we are not able to maintain camera servers, therefore we will remove application such as Keecker Video Call and Keecker Program. We will also take out Home Analytics and Diagnosis.
We developed a new way to connect new smartphones to Keecker without the support of our servers. For any new smartphones that would like to connect to Keecker, you will not use email and password anymore, please follow the link here for instruction.
Keecker will still be compatible with Google Cast available on Smartphones and Tablets, while Google Home and Amazon Alexa won’t be able to communicate with Keecker anymore.
Finally, we will invite you to follow instructions here in order to avoid problem driven by updates or resets.
To conclude, all FAQ’s for daily use of Keecker are here.


Music with Keecker

What apps will be available?

How to listen to music with Keecker?

Movies with Keecker

TV with Keecker

How to watch TV with Keecker?

Video games with Keecker

How to watch a movie / a serie with Keecker?

Chromecast with Keecker

How to play video games with my Keecker?

Google home with Keecker

How does the projector work?

How large will the projected screen be?

How to send content or files to my Keecker?

Is it possible to store content in my Keecker?

How do I share the screen of my PC or Mac on my Keecker?

How do I share the screen of my smartphone Android / iPhone on my Keecker?

How to access my Keecker's cameras?

What are Keecker sensors used for?

How to create a Sleep Aid with Keecker?

How to create a Patrol with Keecker?

How do I use the Video Call feature?

Can anyone set up and use Keecker?


Where can I find a summary of software updates?

How do I update my Keecker?

Tutorial Videos

How to download apps on Keecker?

How to map my home with Keecker?

How to save my favorite spots with Keecker?

How to relocate Keecker (Keecker is lost)?

How to access Keecker's cameras?

How to transfer files to Keecker?

How to share Keecker with my friends?

How to schedule an alarm with Keecker?


Are the connections between the mobile application and the robot secure?

How does Keecker use my personal data?

Are images and videos stored on servers?

Is Keecker only designed for adults?

Is Keecker shocks or falls resistant?

Is Keecker water resistant?

Is there a risk in looking the projector right in the eyes or at the infrared sensors?


Where does Keecker ship?

Is there a sponsorship offer for Keecker?

Is there a right of withdrawal for Keecker?

How do I carefully return Keecker in a package?

Is there a warranty for Keecker?


How to clean Keecker?

How to clean the glass?

Key steps for the set up and configuration of your Keecker

#1 Where can I find the User Manual?

#2 How to remove the blue strap on my Keecker?

#3 How to turn Keecker on and off?

#4 How to charge Keecker? What to do when Keecker no longer turns on?

#5 How to configure Keecker?

#6 How to control Keecker?

#7 How to map my house?


What are the available voice notifications?

How does Keecker navigate around the house?

How to save a spot on my map?

How to enable Follow Me mode?

What can I do if my Keecker is hard to move?

What does the colour of the LED/light on the Keecker mean?

How to use Touch Projection?

How do I control Keecker from a computer ?

Can I access Keecker from outside my house (remotely)?

Can I use several phones to control my Keecker?

Where will I be able to download Keecker apps?

How to enable Keecker App dark theme?

How to control Keecker with your Apple Watch?

How to use Siri Shortcuts?

What if temperatures are not displayed?

What languages are available for Keecker?


When do I create an account?

Do I need a wifi network?

What is the minimum iOS or Android version required to use the Keecker application?

Does Keecker communicate wirelessly with my other devices?

Is Keecker compatible with Chromecast?

How to connect Amazon Echo with Keecker?

How to connect Google Home with Keecker?

How to use Bluetooth devices with Keecker?

What does " incorrect / invalid token" mean?

How do I reset my Keecker?

Charging & Battery

How to install the new charging station?

How do I send Keecker to the charging station?

How long can I use Keecker (battery life)?