#7 How to map my house?

To get the full Keecker experience, we highly recommend mapping your home and reading the following principles and tips before starting your mapping.

Basic principles


  1. From the map tab in the Keecker application, click on the small icon on the top right and choose "Create Map".
  2. Next, while mapping simply use the joystick to move your robot within your home. We recommend mapping your home room by room in one go. It currently isn't possible to partially map your home and complete it at a later time. You'll see your home's map populate on your screen while Keecker is mapping. 
  3. Once you've completed mapping your rooms you'll be prompted to set up your Keecker's charging station. We recommend you plan out the order you would like to map your rooms in, in order to end in the room you'd like to set your charging station in. Move your Keecker in front of its charging station and save its location.
  4. You can then go ahead and add your favorite spots in your home. For example, if you have a preferred spot in your living room you like to project your movies on you can save it, and Keecker will remember to project exactly where you specified from that spot. You can also save your favorite spots to listen to music in, like your kitchen, for example. 

Some tips:


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