How to connect Google Home with Keecker?

You can connect Google Home with Keecker. This will allow you to directly order Keecker from your assistant.

How to connect Google Home with Keecker?

There are two ways to do this:

1) With Google Home or Google Home Mini


2) With the Google Assistant application on your smartphone


Which voice commands are available with Google Home?
Each command must be preceded by "Ok Google, ask Keecker to...".
Here are the available commands: 
  • go to <room>
  • go to <spot> in <room>
  • what are the spots / list the spots
  • what are the rooms / list the rooms
  • what are the spots in the <room> / list the spots in the <room>
  • launch <application>
  • list the applications / what applications are available
  • play <content name> on <application name> (in <room name>*) (*the room name is optional). Example: "Ask Keecker to play Rihanna on YouTube in the kitchen"
  • turn the projector on/off
  • project on the wall/roof/ceiling
  • mute the sound / mute / set volume to zero
  • turn the sound off/on
  • turn the volume up/down
  • align to the wall
  • show off
  • stop moving
  • take a picture  
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