How do I use the Video Call feature?

You can now call your Keecker from and to your smartphone.

Call Keecker from your smartphone

To make this call, you must, from the Keecker application on your smartphone:

  1. go to the "Move" tab
  2. click on camera and choose one of the 2 cameras
  3. click on the "handset" and "microphone" logos

The conversation can then begin.

If you want to change the camera on your smartphone, double-click on the preview. You can also move this preview if necessary.

To end the call, click again on the "handset" and "microphone" logos.

NB: it is necessary to have a good quality of network coverage (or a good Wi-Fi network) for your smartphone.



Call a smartphone with your Keecker

Launch Video Call feature from Android TV homepage.

Note: To call a smartphone, you have to give access to your Keecker from the Keecker App "Settings" section.

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