How to enable Follow Me mode?

Follow Me is a feature in beta test phase. Improvements will be made in future updates.

Here is the procedure to follow to use the feature:

1° Stand 60 inches (1m50) in front of your Keecker.

2° Activate Follow Me with the voice command "Hey Keecker, follow me!" and wait about ten seconds for your Keecker to move.

3° Thanks to the 360° camera, Keecker can follow you with high precision to the edge of any room.

Tips :

- it is preferable to use Follow Me with sufficient light and avoid backlighting.
- don't walk too fast. Keecker moves at a speed of 0.5m/sec.
- it is important to avoid people crossing between the person being followed and Keecker.
- Keecker may have to back up if you move towards it from the front. It is likely to hit obstacles when backing up.
- when Keecker stops, you have to stand in front of Keecker again to be detected.
- if Keecker doesn't detect you at first, it notifies you by saying, "Sorry, I can't see you well. Please stand in front of me and ask me again to follow you.". Then you have to stand in front of Keecker and say again, "Hey Keecker, follow me!".
- if Keecker loses sight of you for about 15 seconds, it warns you by saying, "Hang on, could you please slow down?".
- if Keecker loses sight of you for about 30 seconds, it warns you by saying "I'm sorry, I can't see you anymore" and stops completely. 

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